Ok.. So you have already generated your Free Spotify premium account codes from our Generator.

Well I want to congratulate you for your codes 1st. And now you may be wondering that how you could redeem this code for your account.. Right?

Here, I am going to tell you that, how much simple this is. Really it wont take more then few minutes.

But if you haven’t yet generate your premium code then, I highly suggest you to go 1st to our Spotify premium generator and generate the code for yourself.

The Instructions are given below:


  1. Open the online Generator Below.
  2. Codes you want to generate, choose here.
  3. You can click on hide proxy if you want to hide the id address of your device.
  4. To use it forever you should choose the Forget Expiry date option.
  5. There will be ‘Generate’ button, click on that.
  6. After verification as the human user of the device, you can copy or download the generated code.
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After having the premium account code you can simply redeem the code. The Instructions are given below:

How To Redeem?

Now To redeem your generated code, simply go and Visit here. Login to your spotify account and enter the premium code or just follow the instruction, given in your account settings.


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  • It lets you generate up to 5 card codes, all at the same time
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  • It comes with proxy support, which is undetectable, safe and without any risk of spyware.
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  • Sound quality is a lot more better
  • Up to 3,000+ songs can be listened while being offline
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  • Email support is available
  • It comes with account duration options
  • Accounts are generated at regular time intervals
  • A free of cost and convenient medium of enjoying music

So, now that you are well acquainted with the app and its features, we hope that you have an amazing experience while making use of the Spotify Premium Codes. Hurry and grab your code now! Free Music is waiting for you.