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Get Spotify Premium For Free – No Download Required

How to Get Spotify Premium Code 2017 for Free

Most of the internet users must have heard the name, Spotify, specially lovers of music who seek for the best place to find music of every taste and type with best audio quality and many more features. Spotify users are asked for spotify premium account and codes to get the best it, because the paid version allows user to use advanced features, better audio, lack of filthy advertisements, download music offline to listen. For that you have to spare some hard earned money of yours, here we brings you a solution to your all problems of getting these premium codes in the form of Online Premium Code Generator. The Spotify Premium code Generator is a online App, which let you get your desired premium account codes for spotify without spending your single penny.

Here we tell you how!

What is Spotify Premium Code Generator: 

As we described Spotify and it’s premium account allows you to enjoy the services only if you are willing to pay. Now we brings an online app on our site to get you the services of spotify for free instead of paying and sparing your valuable hard earned money. Every Spotify user or any music lover, always desires for Spotify premium codes for free for for at least 3 month and if possible then for 6 months or 1 year.

At spotify, for the best uses you have to have premium account subscription, and for that you need money to pay, but our online App will gives you a solution to save your money. This Free spotify Premium codes Generator don’t cost you any money and generate free codes for the premium subscription at Spotify.

We safely generates these codes using and working with advanced technology, we are very well aware of security precautions. Nothing beats the technology of our App. Rather than using 30 days of free trial, you would be able to get free spotify for life.

With the help of our App, you can access Spotify premium membership for up to 1 year and can enjoy the same benefits as a paid subscriber. 

How does this Generator work?

The working process and technology behind this magnificent tool can be typical but to make you assure our tool uses the most advanced technology with keeping all needed precautions, hardest to be beaten by anything. This tool generates premium account codes for free, which are needed to get access to Spotify services.

There are two options to provide you regular working premium account as per needs. 

#1 The online app, which let you generate the premium code at the rum time. which mean it generates a unique premium code only for your account. You have to select the number of months for which you need premium code. Just select your desire subscription plan and hit the “Generate Now” Button. In few seconds it will generate a unique code for you, then simply verify your self as Human( Sorry..) after that Copy the code and redeem it without any worry.

#2 There many provided benefits on this app, as for 3 or 6 months , for even a year or lifetime codes are also available. With the first come, first serve deal,  you can also download the pre-generated premium codes, already generated by our App and saved on cloud space at autopilot mode.

And the most important thing..  This App doesn’t ask for any personal information of yours.

Generator, Password leak? Software?

Many websites claim to provide Spotify premium codes for Free, which are actually fake and are aimed at befooling the users just to get traffic on the sites. In a way, it is difficult to believe that something which can only be obtained by making payment is being offered free of cost. But, it’s possible. Confused? There is an explanation to the whole procedure.

We ask the users to complete a task that requires a few steps to be followed. So, the moment you click on it and begin the task, it generates income for our sponsors. So, while you are completing the task, the sponsors are actually getting the money just through your clicks. In return, they pay us the amount through which we are able to provide you monthly membership free of cost. So, overall it seems to be free, but we are actually paying indirectly for your premium codes so that you are able to take advantage of a free of cost music app, which let you use all the amazing features, which are otherwise available only after paying for them.

Features of Generator:

Before you start getting into the task you must be curious about the unique features what we are providing. Here is few best benefits of this tool,

Easily accessible.
No need of payments.
Secure and safe with advanced technology.
no annoying ads.
Generates Premium codes for free services of Spotify.
User friendly.
No fake hacking system, fair and legal tool.
With music, it gives more options you to choose within.
No software to download.
Support both IOS and Android devices.

Why Us:

Our Spotify Premium code Generator can solve your problem of sparing money for Premium codes for up to 1 year. So Lets Find Out Why You Should Go For It –

No Payment – It generates codes as per your desire without any extra effort or difficulty to use the offers of Spotify without any payment.
Use Best Technology – With best quality advanced technology, and concerning about security precautions this tool never leaves you with any technical problem.
Easy To Use – It is easiest to handle as no need to download any app, just few verification questions and you are a minute far from services of Spotify and it’s paid membership.
Work Everywhere – This tool works on every popular browser and devices Android, IOS. The best part is it’s efficiency of technology, security of using and saving of valuable time and money. This tool can generate codes for your desirable rate.

Easily access, without any payment, best quality musics, without any annoying add. This how a best spot for you to give your time.

All Instruction are given below…


  1. Choose the code that you wish to generate. These may vary as per the amount of time for which it can be used.
  2. Mark the ‘Hide Proxy’ check box in order to hide your IP address.
  3. Click on the bar which says “Generate”.
  4. Wait for a few moments till the procedure gets completed.
  5. Now, you can download the generated code. You may also need to verify yourself before getting the code, as the system needs to make sure that you are a human.

So Lets Get Started And Take Action!  Setup Bot Now!

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a commercial music provider company, started from Sweden before 8 years in October 2006 ( as per the detail from its wiki page). It’s the best online music provider company with maximum users in a short span of time. The App which provides restricted contents from famous record labels of world that are rare, desirable features for music lovers, it provides podcast and video services as well, of best quality. Spotify has crossed the record of maximum subscribers and users with 60 million of them. There are plenty of tempting advantages and unique features to get users hooked. Far from only music listening and downloading it gives, other sound benefits like, locating song as per album. Users find all of their videos and tunes on single a platform.

For the user there is needed membership of the company, there can be two type of them. Yes, A free one and another a Paid ‘Premium’ subscription, with paid one you get able to browse more of your desirable music with best audio quality, removing advertisements, and offline music downloading for you. Spotify premium account charges you with $9.99 per month, and codes are their to update the accounts as well, with different time periods scheme, one , 3, 6 months, or 1 year. With “Go premium, Be happy” moto spotify gives a free trial for a month also, and afterwards user have to pay monthly for the regular services.

Things to consider about Abuse

  • your account can be banned, if you abuse the system.
  • You can only use this system once for one account.
  • We have all rights to ban the abusive account.
  • Feel free to share with your friends as its free and safe.

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